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Rules & Safety

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Rules & Safety
For our Company MB Rent Limousine, the safety on a journey is one of the main factors.


Our drivers must show their professionalism as when a driver is driving, he has the lives of the people he is transporting in his hands and it is therefore essential that he is healthy and informed of all regulations.
That is the reason we have adopted some procedures that we list below:


Safety precautions:

In relation to the provisions of Legislative Decree 81/2008, in order to comply with the requirements regarding the safety of workers in the workplace, MB Rent has had a Risk Assessment Document drawn up in relation to the activities carried out in offices and garages and has implemented a Prevention and Protection activity for its employees through participation in fire prevention and training courses like accident prevention and First Aid.


Medical checks:

In addition, our drivers undergo preventive health checks for the assessment of risks to protect health and safety in accordance with Articles 25 and 18 of the Legislative Decree, with specific certification of the absence of alcoholism or drug addiction (Article 41) or any disease that endangers driving 


Recruitment of drivers and weekly rest:
MB Rent limousine service guarantees that its drivers are all hired with regular employment contracts and they carry out the weekly rest period as regulated by Article 4 of EC Reg. 561/06.

Driving licences and certificates:
As required by Italian law, our drivers are in possession of a regular driving license with the relevant certificate of professional qualification called KB and Registration to the Register of Drivers issued by the local chamber of commerce.

This last document is necessary to be able to carry out this profession.

Statutory checks on vehicles:
Our vehicles, all of very recent production, are registered by rental with driver with regular licenses issued by the municipality of Genoa and are regularly reviewed by the civil motorization every year as required by the competent authorities.

All drivers are fluent in English, and on request also in Spanish.

Our staff will always be at your service in dark coloured corporate uniform and tie.

Finally, our drivers are always very careful to respect the Highway Code with particular regard to speed limits, the use of seat belts, and the use of smartphones.