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...the Crew

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...the Crew
Genoa Services for Crew Members | Transfer for Yacht Owner in Portofino

Some of our services:

* Transfers to and from airports, hotels, cruise or cargo ships, yachts and private jets.
* Car/minivan with private driver available for the handling of embarkation/disembarkation formalities.
* Car/minivan at disposal to give assistance for any crew hospitalization or medical examinations at doctor's office.
* Delivery of urgent documents or small packages.
This type of service is a valid alternative to the traditional express courier and it is used when delivery must be made in a short time or at special times.

Private Taxi in Genoa for Aircraft Crew | Van Crew Transfer Genoa | Crew Transfer Service Genoa

Our fleet consists of Mercedes Benz cars and minivans, all recently registered to always guarantee the maximum comfort and elegance during your trip.

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